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As technologies evolve, Video producers are on a never-ending quest to bring the latest and greatest to our productions. This page will be dedicated to spotlighting the latest gadgets and quality-maximizing technologies that we are incorporating into our workflow. This was a great year for Talkingbox in terms of new technologies to bring the very best quality to your project.

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If you don't know the term 4K in video, you soon will since you will be buying a 4K television in the near future. 4K is the highest quality form of video that is currently available and basically means that we are shooting a 4x the size of the standard HD that you are accustomed to. 4K = Super high quality.

4K In The House

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photo credit: Panasonic

We have made quite a few investments in video recently.

Lets start the conversation with the essential tool for every video production company… a video camera. Not just any video camera though, this is the amazing Panasonic DVX200. We can now shoot 4K (and just about every other lesser format) and the quality is breathtaking.

Why did we choose the DVX200?
Well for starters, the DVX is unlike any other camera on the market and Panasonic hit a home-run. The DVX 200 is a large sensor camera with a fixed lens. This means that although it is a great run-n-gun camera, it can also fit in as a cinema camera. It is a bit more forgiving in the focus range for corporate work, which is essential when you do as much corporate work as we do. This camera is so versatile it nails a great many production environments and workflows.

We really can’t say enough good things about how this camera has instantly improved the quality of our productions, let alone made it possible to shoot long-form projects. For example, we recently shot an 8-hour seminar in 4K and only had to change cards twice, if nothing else, our high-end DSLR video cameras would have overheated at least five or six times. You need the right tool for the job.

We will still use our Canon DSLR video cameras for the super-cinematic projects, but this camera has become the Go-To for the majority of our projects.

4K In The Air with our Fleet(?)… Squadron(?)… Gaggle(?) of Drones.

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photo credit: DJI

Next up, we’re taking 4K off the ground and sending it up… way up. The latest in Drone technologies can be found in the DJI Phantom 4 PRO and DJI Phantom 4 drones. Not only are these drones stable, not only are they fast, not only are they quiet, they shoot 4k video at up to 60 frames per second and full HD up to 240 frames per second for incredible slow motion. In addition, The Phantom 4 Pro will shoot 20 Megapixel still frames for clients in need of aerial photography.

These really are our favorite new toys… errr…. tools. The quality is incredible, the possibilities are endless, and let’s face it, these are a blast to fly.

The reality is, we were going to purchase a much larger drone to fly full sized production cameras, but when we looked closely at our clients needs, we realized that smaller (and quieter) is better. The larger drones LITERALLY sound like a large lawn mower in the sky. We aren’t producing a major motion picture, we are creating premium commercial and corporate content, and often this means shooting events or in (relatively) close proximity of people. The more stealthy the drone is, the better for our clients. Luckily for us, DJI came along with a major leap forward in terms of stability and repeatability. The Phantom 4 PRO sets an all new benchmark for affordable high quality drone footage, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to have this new tool in our video arsenal.

4K Stabilized

OSMO Gimbal Camera

photo credit: DJI

Keeping the 4K video theme going, we have added a DJI OSMO+ to our arsenal of cameras. This camera includes a three way gimbal to keep the image steady and smooth… even when running. The OSMO is a specific-use camera, not something we will fire up for most shoots. But when it is needed, it is irreplaceable (and extremely cool).

Prompter Anyone?

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photo credit: ikan Corp

Ok, so what good does it do to shoot in luscious 4K if your CEO can't remember his lines? Well, we have a solution for that… the 12" ikan teleprompter, complete with custom developed software. The script playback is geared toward keeping up with the talent so they can read at THEIR pace rather than trying to match the pace of the prompter. We are lucky enough to work with an incredible software engineer who is customizing the prompter application to fit our needs. Our clients immediately notice the difference and even those who have a legacy of hating prompters are asking us back with our prompter in hand.

Computerized Motion Control Slider has come to Talkingbox!

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photo credit: Kessler Crane

Lets keep the conversation going with a new addition to our 36” Kessler Cineslider…. the incredible Kessler “Second Shooter” motion control system.

What does this mean for you?
1) This immediately increases the production value of your video project. The camera will do a slow crawl while keeping the subject centered in the frame. It really does make a huge difference to the quality of the footage… VERY cinematic.

2) Completely repeatable moves for the slide, pan and tilt axis. This means that we can do sophisticated motion control effects, and affordable multiple takes. No need to miss a shot since the computerized motion control will repeat the move with 100% dependability.

3) Because we invested in several sophisticated system batteries, we can literally keep the slider running for 24 hours on battery power before we need to recharge.

4) AFFORDABLE quality. The slider only takes a few minutes to set up, we can program in extremely complicated moves, then let the slider to its job. The slider with camera can act as a second camera, slowly crawling all day for interview work…. really incredible quality and cost savings.

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