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  • Award winning video productions… 22+ years in business!
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Hello Video Producers!
Thanks for your interest. I have been running video production companies for the past 22 years and have extensive hands-on experience in many key areas of video production. Below is a list of job titles for which I am interested in freelancing; the equipment that I currently own (I will try to keep this list updated as I move new equipment in); and software that I use daily. In addition to having experience with a wide variety of video production and photography projects, I also have aerial video/photo equipment and experience.


Professional Experience as:
Assistant Director
Director of Photography
FAA Licensed Drone Pilot
Gimbal Operator
Assistant Director of Photography
Editor (Final Cut Pro)
Teleprompter Operator

Proficient experience as:
Editor (Adobe Premier Pro)


Cameras I own:
2x Panasonic GH5s (fully rigged)
Panasonic DVX-200
DJI Mavic 2 Pro 4k Drone
Canon 5D Mark III
Canon 5D Mark II
DJI OSMO+ 4k Gimbal Camera

Canon 100 Macro L-Series
Canon 17-40 L-series
Canon 70-200 L-Series 2.8
Canon 2x L-Series Lens Extender
Panasonic 28-70 MFT lens
Panasonic 70-200 MFT Lens
Tokina 70mm Prime
Metabones Adapter for Canon->Panasonic


(2) 7" Small HD monitors
1 17" Directors monitor with 4 camera split screen.


— DJI Ronin MX Gimbal with full accessory kit.
— DJI Ronin-S Gimbal with full accessory kit.
— EZ Rig Overhead suspension system for Ronin-MX

Jib & Dolly:
— Kessler Pocket Jib with 80lbs counterbalance weights (accepts 75mm or 100mm ball heads for camera mounting. Supports 20lb camera at full 5' extension, 40lb camera at 3' extension).
— iKan Carbon Fiber Portable Jib.
— Kessler dolly track wheel set for K-Pod
— Kessler 25' Flex dolly track
— Kessler Universal dolly track set (fits most tripods to the dolly track)

Tripod & Head:
— Kessler Hercules 2.0 Head (100mm Ball, 150lbs load)
— Manfrotto 509 Head (100mm Ball, 29lbs load)
— Manfrotto 504 head (75mm Ball, 16lbs load)
— Benro Hi-Hat Tripod (3” to 11”, 200 lbs load)
— Kessler K-pod Tripod (43" to 70" height, 500 lbs load) with 6" wheels
— Manfrotto 536 Carbon Fiber Tripod (11" to 80" height, 55lbs load)
— 2 Carbon Fiber Monopods with feet

— Edelkrone Pro Slider with 3 axis motion control and focus.
— Two Kessler 36"' Cinesliders with outrigger feet (80 lbs load)
— Kessler “Second Shooter” motorized three-axis control for Cineslider.
— Giottos large ball head (for use on Cineslider)
— High hat with 100mm or 75mm ball head adapter to use pro heads on Cineslider
— Konova 36" motorized slider for motion time-lapse

Camera Rig:
— Lanparte cage with carbon fiber rods ("Bull-Dog" shoulder or tripod mounted)
Matte Box with three rotateable filter holders
— Lanparte Follow Focus with two whips and speed crank (zero backlash)


AC Lights:
— One 100 Watt COB LED Fresnel with accessories and 48" Rectangular soft box
— Three 55 Watt COB LED Fresnel with full accessory kit and soft boxes.
— Two 1000 watt dimmable FloLight fluorescent fixtures with barn doors (Daylight balanced)
— Two 1000 watt 1’ bi-color LED fixtures (1000 bulbs ea)
— One 500w Half-height bi-color LED fixture (512 bulbs)
— One 1000 watt/2000 watt Softlight with grid
— One Lowell DP light (250 watt/500 watt) with accessories
— Two Lowell Pro-Lights with accessories
— Three 250 Watt screw-type fluorescent bulbs with stand mounted fixture. (Daylight Balanced)

Portable Battery Lights
— Two 512 Bulb dimmable LED light for studio and location.
— Four 256 bulb dimmable LED lights for studio and location.
— One 64-bulb dimmable LED light (on camera or for small areas)
— Four 128-bulb dimmable LED light (on camera or for small areas)

— Extensive collection of flag kits, 8’ Butterfly with frame, reflectors, light stands, reflector holders, gels, and soft boxes.


Digital Audio Recorders:
ZOOM F8 8-track DAR
ZOOM FRC-8 Controller for F-8
ZOOM L-12 12 channel audio board.
ZOOM H6 six track DAR
ZOOM H4n four track DAR
Tascam DR-70 four track DAR.
Tascam DR-60D four track DAR.

Music Authoring:
Akai MPK249 Midi Controller Keyboard

Sennheiser ME66 Shotgun capsule (with wind protection)
Sennheiser ME6 Short Shotgun Capsule (with wind protection)
Three TRAM lapel mics (black)
Audio Technica stage microphone (XLR)

Wireless Audio:
Sennheiser EW100 Wireless transmitters and receivers (Two sets).
Sennheiser EW100 XLR Microphone transmitters


We have a 12" Teleprompter made by ikan with custom software. Smooth and silky playback to run the script at the talents pace.


Large array of C-Stands, heavy-duty tripod stands, background light stands, microphone stands and booms

We literally have a van full of accessories for video production. This ranges from suction mounts for lights to a 5’ x 7’ soft box for LED lights.


Professional level experience with:
Final Cut Pro X (Video Editing)
Apple Motion (Graphics and 3D Animation)
Logic Pro X (Music Authoring)
Frameforge Pre-Viz Studio (Storyboard)
Compressor (Prep for WWW)
Sorenson Squeeze (Prep for WWW)
Adobe Photoshop (Image Manipulation)
CrazyTalk Pro (Character Animation)

Proficient with:
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe After Effects
Adobe Premier Pro
Adobe Media Encoder
Adobe OnLocation

Matthew Abourezk is a proud member of the following professional and community organizations:


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